How to Pick a Great Wireless Headset For Your TV

Choosing Your Best Wireless Headset For The TV

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If you and your partner tend to fall asleep at different times, or if they happen to be studying while you want to watch tv, a wireless headset for your tv may be your best bet so you can watch tv without disturbing everyone in your house! Pictured above is the Truedio Wireless TV Headset Bundle (includes 2 headsets!) that works with all TVs and is a fine example of what you can find on the market for wireless headsets that are made for all TVs. If you want to transmit real time television audio to your wireless headset, they would make a great fit, but there are still so many options whenever it comes to your wireless headset for watching TV. There are a considerable amount of features to consider whenever it comes to picking your headset, and it really is up to you on what you are looking for with all the options that are available, and here at the wireless earbuds blog we are dedicated to making sure you find the right wireless headset for your needs! So lets break down what options we have available.

How Your Wireless Headphone for TV Work

Also, how do you install the wireless headset for your TV?

Below is a great video from cnet on how one of the most popular brands, the Sony Bluetooth Wireless TV Headset, can be paired with four different devices, including your television, gaming console, and more. The Bluetooth headset can work with any Bluetooth support device, and can save you from having to plugin a receiver into the back of your television, providing a seamless, real wireless headset setup. It provides a great walk-through on how to setup your bluetooth headset. Not knocking the RF headsets that require a transmitter to be plugged into your audio jack on the back of the television, especially since the price points vary greatly for wireless TV headsets.

Bluetooth Hookup for Wireless TV Headset

Now, a little lesson on what you are considering buying, how the heck do these Wireless Headphone things work? Valid question. Luckily, we have put in the effort to do a little research for you! Much like a Bluetooth headset, a majority of these headsets utilize a receiver that plugs directly into the back of your television via a digital optical port, or RCA / 3.5mm Headphone jack. After the connection is made, the signal is sent to your tv headset via radio frequency (RF) providing superior sound quality with up to 100 ft range for some wireless TV headsets, which is great if you have to grab some popcorn but do not want to miss any of your show, typically the RF transmitter wireless tv headsets come in cheaper than the bluetooth headsets mentioned above, depending on your want and needs from the tv headset really determines which one you should be looking at. Bringing us to our next question … To Bluetooth or not to bluetooth? Ultimately it is up to you, dependent on your budget, features wanted, and overall use of the product.

Bluetooth vs. Wireless Reciever

BluetoothWireless Reciever
Compatible with multiple devicesUsually only compatible with RF devices or line-in through auxiliary cable.
Usually more expensive than others.Priced at a reasonable amount, dependent on features desired.
Usually superior quality, top brands, and most featuresHas features from top brands but may not compare to bluetooth headsets
Does not require a reciever to be plugged into your televisionRequires a reciever to be plugged into your television.

Once you have connection out of the way, all wireless tv headsets require one thing (to maintain the wireless) and that is of course a battery. A lot of your headsets will come with a docking station to charge the rechargeable battery, avoiding running to the store for costly batteries, and the higher end models get up to 12 hours of battery life with only a 3 hour charge time. These batteries are often times replaceable as well, meaning once it dies out, you don’t have to order a new headset, just pick up a new battery! Thus summing up just how these tv headsets work, technology is a fantastic thing, am I right?

How Much Are Wireless Headphones For TV, Get The Best Buy

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Now that we have learned how wireless headsets for the tv work it is time to see what kind of price ranges we are looking at. Whenever it comes to how much wireless tv headphones are, the real answer is it varies. The variables that factor into the price, are of course the features. Do you want an over ear headset or an inear earbud tv headset? Do you want longer battery life, distance, or a fancy surround sound headset to really amplify your TV time? These are all things to consider whenever it comes to what the wireless headphone tv best buy is for you. For a wireless tv headset, the price range is typically between $30 to $300 dollars, the price factors in the features, and the features you want and your budget can get you a decent pair of headsets or a fantastic fully featured noise cancelling tv headset, if you need and want it. So if you are looking for something simple, you can buy wireless headphones for the tv at a cheap entry price, or if you are a techie and want the best, you have access to that as well. Speaking of features, lets dive in to some of the great features these headsets have.

Featured Wireless Bluetooth TV Headsets

TV Ears Original TV Headset System Sennheiser RS 175 RF Wireless Headphone System Mpow Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear Monodeal Over-Ear Stereo RF Headphones GOgroove Wireless Bluetooth TV Headphone Headset
Brand TV Ears Inc Sennheiser Mpow MonoDeal GOgroove
List Price $82.54 $279.95 $79.99 $109.99 $49.99

The Best Wireless Bluetooth and RF Features For TV Headsets

Whenever it comes to wireless headphones to listen to the tv, there are plenty of offers available from several places in the realm of where to buy wireless headphones for TV Listening. The more features, the higher the price for the wireless TV headset usually, but still, you do get what you pay for.

Wireless TV Headset Features to look for

  • Noise Cancelling TV Headsets

Noise cancelling can be a huge favorite feature of your wireless TV headset. Whether you opt for the bluetooth or RF setup, both have offers of noise cancelling. The big divide here is the isolation of noise from only your television, instead of hearing the washer machine spinning, you capture only the audio you want, minus outside distractions. Bluetooth TV Headsets do shine in this section however, due to device compatibility, which can prove great for phone calls, due to bluetooth headsets often having microphones as well, and for flights to help drown out the airplane noise.

  • Comfortable, ability to change out ear pieces

A majority of devices will come with multiple ear pieces, we are all different and headsets aren’t a one size fits all, especially the wireless earbud headsets for TV listening. Always make sure the one you decide to purchase comes with multiple ear pieces, so you can find out what is best for you. This is not so much a problem with the full ear cover headphones for the tv however.

  • Wireless in-ear Headphones or full ear cover headphones

If portability is a consideration, or comfort, you will need to decide if you want the in-ear wireless earbuds for the TV or if you want a full ear cover setup. I have found to prefer in-ear because they typically are compatible with other devices, and I am usually on the go so the compact setup while delivering great quality is a big plus for me.


  • Brand Preference (Quality vs. Price)

Brand Preference is a huge deciding factor, as some brands have proprietary features, also the brand can factor into the cost as well. I personally use Sony Wireless Earbuds with Bluetooth functionality for my TV headset, phone, and other devices. Other great brands are Samsung and Klipsch which offer a variety of headsets at various ranges in price.

  • Range Functionality

Range of your wireless tv headset is also a great deciding factor in the list of features available. Depending on your distance from the TV, you want to maintain a crisp sound, perhaps even if you have to run to the kitchen for a minute and don’t want to miss a second of your entertainment. Range is usually not an issues, but some cheaper Bluetooth headsets may suffer from sound degradation if you are to far from the television.


  • Capability To Work With Other Devices

Compatibility with other devices can really add value to your headset. If you can go from watching television to answering a phone call all with one device, it adds significant value. You will see the most device compatibility with Wireless Bluetooth Earbud TV headsets, as they can connect to almost any Bluetooth enabled device, like your iPad or Samsung Smart TV.

There are many more features associated with Wireless Headphones, but these are a few that stand out to me before I consider making a purchase. The next step for me after viewing all the features is figuring out where to buy wireless headphones for the TV.

Where to Buy Wireless Headphones for the TV

You want the best deal whenever it comes around to picking out the best wireless tv headphones for you, that is a given. You have many options on where to buy wireless headphones for your TV, ranging from best buy to Walmart, however, it is 2017 and lets be realistic, traveling to the store was left behind in the early 2000’s now we have Amazon, which is my preferred dealer. Amazon offers some of the best prices you can find and will ensure quick delivery so you can have your hands on your new wireless headphones. They also offer one of the largest selections available on the internet, and the brick and mortar stores pale in comparison whenever it comes to it. The only reason I would suggest going to a retail store would be to try before you buy, they often times have wireless TV headphones and Bluetooth earbuds for TV on display so you can physically touch the product prior to making the purchase. Bluetooth earphones for the TV are available on Amazon and at very reasonable prices dependent on the features you are looking for!

Decide Which Wireless TV Headset You Want

Wireless Earphones for TV listening can drastically improve your television experience while keeping your roommates or family members from hearing what you are watching, or if you are like me, trying to tune them out is to much work so noise cancelling ear buds work like a charm for that as well.

Deciding what wireless TV Headset is best for you is ultimately up to you, no one in a blue shirt can tell you honestly what is best for you and your budget while they are trying to push a warranty on you at the same time, an over-priced warranty at that. Whenever it comes to buying wireless headphones just keep in mind the suggestions and information you read here. Pick out the features that are suitable for you and how you plan to your the device, whether it be compatible with multiple devices or if you just want to watch TV with it and be comfortable while doing so. I personally suggest wireless Bluetooth noise cancellation for its multiple device capability and multiple uses, but if that is not for you then you can save money and get something that caters to your needs and wants.




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